Ideas for Decorating with Feathers

Ideas for Decorating with Feathers

By admin 0 Comment May 22, 2019

When you have a home or business, the possibilities for decorating are endless. There are plenty of different ideas you can try, even using themes to make everything come together in an aesthetically pleasing way. One decoration you may consider using are feathers, such as colored ostrich feathers that look stunning.

You can get as creative as you want, utilizing feather in several different ways around your home or office. For ideas on how to get started and add customization to your building, let’s take a look below and get started on how to make your home or business look unique and stunning.


Lampshades are often simply colored and plain, but feathers can add an entirely new look to your shades. Getting a shade with printed feathers, especially colored feathers, adds individuality to the area and transforms your lighting fixture into décor.

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are another way you can decorate with feathers. With this, you can use your imagination and create beautiful pieces of art that can be hung on the wall to add visual appeal to the area you’re working on. You might consider making a dreamcatcher or some other artwork to bring some flair into the home or office.

Framed Artwork

colored ostrich feathers

You can even get feathers framed, making them look artistic and stand out from the rest of your décor. If you want a rustic look, try making a simple wooden frame and using a textured white board as the background to bring everything together.

Many people don’t consider feathers when decorating, but they can add a lot of flair to a place and bring in interested visitors. For a style that looks different and attracts the eye, try getting some feathers and using them to make a statement with your decorating style.